American Standard’s e-Lite Integrated Shower Toilet: Adding a delightful touch in the bathroom


When it comes to our toilet experiences, we have understandably become very demanding and particular. This is because we want to ensure our personal health and hygiene every single time we go to the bathroom. Thanks to brands like American Standard and its innovations, we can enjoy total convenience and an unparalleled experience, be it in our bathrooms or restrooms.

One such innovation is the American Standard e-Lite, an integrated shower toilet that delivers “A Delightful Touch”, with thoughtfully designed features that incorporate humanized technologies for optimal living.

Whereas traditional toilets are usually bulky in design, hard to clean, require physical contact with the seat cover and flush lever, and cause uncomfortable seating, the e-Lite shower toilet addresses these concerns in a holistic manner.

Thoughtfully designed for easy use

In design, American Standard made sure e-Lite is versatile as it was developed with a sleek profile and modern minimalist look to suit the varying design preferences of customers. Its seamless structure allows for easier cleaning in hard-to-reach corners. Complementing its versatile design is an intuitive remote control with a slim profile and ergonomic edges. Its remote icons are simple so it’s easy to understand for users’ ease of use.

Personal sanitation is the main priority

e-Lite features innovative toilet functions to enhance the daily needs of hygiene protection, making the bathroom a safe and cozy place for the whole family.

To minimize contact on surfaces, the e-Lite has an auto-open seat made with the highest level of antibacterial material certified by Society of Industrial Technology for Antimicrobial Articles (SIAA), the global standard for measuring antibacterial activity on plastics and other non-porous surfaces. To further enhance your personal hygiene, e-Lite also comes with antibacterial shower nozzles that are sterilized by UV rays after every use.

Touchless comfort and convenience

For further comfort and convenience, the e-Lite also has an auto-flushing feature when users leave so they do not need to touch the flush button. The remote control can also be placed within reach while the one-touch cleansing mode can be activated through the designed side panel. The integrated shower toilet also has a built-in soft night light to guide users in the middle of the night comfortably, and it ensures constant warm water throughout their washing routine. 


Leveled up innovation for everyone


e-Lite levels up the normal toilet with its topnotch hybrid flushing features. For one, it stores a mini cistern tank which acts as a mini reservoir that stores water that is integrated inside the toilet. This integrated solution enhances the flushing performance for homes with low water pressure conditions. It also comes with a powerful flush with a mini 0.08MPa dynamic pressure. Likewise, its siphon jet flushing creates a 360 swirling effect around the bowl like a whirlpool effect, and an extra jet at the bowl pushes the waste further down into the pipes so every corner of the toilet bowl is cleansed of dirt and bacteria.


From its sleek design to its innovative toilet features that present ease of use and total personal hygiene, the American Standard e-Lite integrated shower toilet provides everything consumers need in a bathroom.


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