Manulife empowers Filipinos to guard their health and protect their loved ones

 International financial services provider Manulife has recently launched its new campaign to empower Filipinos to become mighty guardians and defenders of their health, enabling them to protect and secure their loved ones’ futures.

As part of its goal to promote the importance of health and life protection in the country, Manulife Philippines continuously encourages more Filipinos to take charge of their health, so they are equipped with the right mindset, plans, and resources to protect themselves from the unexpected. Recently, Manulife rolled out an online health assessment quiz on its website ( so customers can self-check their health and well-being, and Manulife can make recommendations on what they need to better guard their health. As part of this campaign, Manulife recently teamed up with Marvel Studios for the theatrical release of the highly anticipated Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, dubbed as the “best Marvel movie in years” by top critics and various media publications. A digital film about the collaboration is also available for viewing on Manulife’s YouTube channel and Facebook page.

Manulife’s recent Asia Care Study has found that, among the Filipinos surveyed, many are concerned about health longevity, or the length of time people think they will remain in good health. They consider the financial costs of critical illnesses as their top health-related cause of anxiety (49%), followed by loss of income or job (37%) and not knowing who will take care of them (26%) in the event of an illness. Furthermore, Filipinos have the lowest ownership of insurance (59%) among other Asian markets surveyed in the study, well below the regional average of 70%.

Filipinos are highly concerned about their health and how long they will remain healthy, but many do not have adequate health and life insurance protection. Without financial safeguards in place, the onset of illness or advanced age can turn medical expenses into a villain, with their loved ones in danger of facing financial struggles,” shares Melissa HensonChief Marketing Officer, Manulife Philippines. “By equipping more Filipinos with comprehensive and affordable insurance solutions that can help protect themselves and their families from the financial impact of critical illness, we can help transform them into guardians of both physical and financial health.”

To help address the health protection gap, Manulife offers its health insurance solutions — HealthFlex, an award-winning and highly customizable health and life insurance plan that lets customers pay only for the cost and coverage they need, and health protection riders such as critical illness benefit and hospital income