Stax for Snax! Here’s why you will be munching on Lay’s Stax all day this summer

If ever you find yourself sitting alone this summer with nothing to do, it’s time that you are reminded of your options to keep things interesting. Option number one? A deliciously distracting snack to make your summer more worthwhile! With Lay’s Stax, your days don’t have to feel so long and boring anymore. You can make everyday fun with the different flavors it has to offer. Strike the perfect balance of classic and unique flavors, and enjoy a stimulating crunch to make the rest of your senses tingle with delight!

Distract yourself from that boredom, and bite into a crunch of delectable flavors!


You can bet that your Netflix, HBO and Amazon Prime Originals are best paired with a snack that is timeless and enjoyable. Lay’s Stax Original Flavour gives you just the right amount of saltiness, your all-day movie marathons need to keep

Extra Cheese

Who needs a summer fling when Lay’s Stax is the only extra cheesy partner you need! Double the cheese and double the kilig for the whole day when you pair it with your favorite romantic comedies.


Wasn’t invited to your neighbor’s backyard BBQ? Good news is that you can have a taste of those smoky flavors right at the comfort of your couch! With your favorite tunes blasting, and a cool refreshing drink, an indoor barbecue is all you need to spice up your boring day alone.

Sour Cream & Onion

Onion breath, no sweat! Its tangy flavor and crunchy texture is sure to be the cherry on top of your homemade meals and snacks for a lovely day indoors.

Munch to the beat of Lay’s Stax’s crunch and indulge in its yummazing, snacktastic flavors! Which one’s keeping you company this summer? #DeliciouslyDistracting #LaysStax