Eric Nam shares new album ‘House on a Hill’ with music video


Today, Korean-American entertainer, singer-songwriter, and actor Eric Nam released his new album, ‘House on a Hill‘. the highly anticipated album focuses on the idea of happiness, how one defines it, and what truly makes a person happy. The album release includes previously released singles, “Don’t Leave Yet” and the title track from the album, “House on a Hill”.

Upon release, the title track “House on a Hill” was met with critical praise and was included on ROLLING STONE’s “Songs You Need To Know” list. The album includes collaborations with UK-based artists, HONNE & Oh Wonder, and Eric’s longtime collaborator & producer, Rabitt, who musically supervising the album.

“’House on a Hill’ is a culmination of 10 years of me being a musician, pulling from my experiences and knowledge of creating not only music, but audio-visual content for one of the most important projects of my entire career,” Eric shares. “In some ways, this album is a musical existential crisis, as a lot of the songs touch on questions of what it means to be alive, what makes us happy, what drives us, what gives us ambition & emotion, what makes us feel things and why we exist at all. The songs on this album are meant to touch on all these different parts of life and the things that we process internally, all captured into an immersive listening experience.”

Alongside the album, Eric also premiered the video for “Only For A Moment”. This is the second video released from the album following the video for “Don’t Leave Yet”. Eric was involved in the screenwriting and creative direction of both music videos. The video was produced alongside the creative team 37th Degree (BTS, NewJeans).

The melody for ‘Only for a Moment’ came to me on the train ride to Honne’s studio in London. The song is serendipitous, about finding magic or a connection or electricity in any moment, in any second, in any situation. And how even though we may be just passing by, there are just infinite possibilities between all of us as humans. The music video is a very creative take on that as well. Everyone in that subway is going through something different but everyone is wondering “what are we all doing here?” Yet we’re all connected by the fact that we’re all there together in that moment,” explains Eric.

Later this month, Eric will embark on his House on a Hill World Tour which spans over 80 shows across North America, Latin America, the UK, Europe and Australia / New Zealand. Tickets for the North American, Latin America, UK and Europe legs are on sale now.