Check off your bathroom bucket list with American Standard’s Thrice As Nice Bathroom Spree


Many of us dream of upgrading our bathrooms not only for aesthetics but to make our experience truly enjoyable and convenient – from matching sinks and basin mixers to dual-purpose hygiene sprays, all allowing easy personal washing experience.

Now can check these off your bathroom bucket list as American Standard gives you a head start on your bathroom upgrades with its Thrice As Nice Bathroom Spree Promo on select American Standard products until February 16, 2024.

With the promo, you can enjoy as much as 30% discounts, and even bigger price-offs when you add bundles and pairs including the Loven Bundle 1 that include 25% off on Acacia Supasleek Vessel 60mm with deck, and less Php1,000 on Loven Basin Mixer with pop-up drain; the Loven Bundle 2 for 15% off on Kastello SH Vessel plus less Php1,000 on the Loven Basin Mixer; or the Shower Bundle 3 offering 10% off on Temptacion Exposed auto temp B&S mixer paired with 10% off on DuoStixÔ Handshower glossy white with chrome holder and shower hose.

Enjoy a hygienic and convenient washing experience with special discounts on the DuoStix Hygiene Spray – its dual cleanse spray features innovative cleansing features including the Petal PressureÔ which is designed with optimized nozzles for gentle yet robust personal cleansing and remove its cap for the Jet Spray feature that allows strong and focused spray to clean off any toilet stains.

The DuoStix Hygiene Spray also features the FlexiFitÔ so you can twist to unlock, reattach the cap, and lock it according to your preferred spray direction. Making the product even more hygienic to use, it’s also designed with HygienePlusÔ technology (available in full glossy white version) that uses anti-microbial materials for complete protection. Lastly, its EasyCleanÔ feature means limescale, dirt, or mold can easily be removed from the removable cap.

You can avail special discounts on the DuoStix Hygiene Spray by simply pairing it with selected ceramic packages and suites.

Achieve the bathroom that you’ve always dreamed about by availing these rare discounts and price-offs from American Standard at all Wilcon Depot branches nationwide.

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