Transform your bathroom into a space the entire family will love with the new American Standard Loven collection


American Standard, a leading provider of bathroom products, is proud to introduce the Loven Collection. This comprehensive and contemporary collection of bathroom fittings and fixtures is perfect for urban dwellers, first-time homeowners, and young families seeking to simplify the renovation process while enhancing their bathroom experience to fit modern lifestyles.


A complete solution that everyone will love

The Loven Collection is tailored to young families and couples, some of them embarking on the journey of purchasing their first home. Designed to accommodate the needs of young urban households, this collection provides a variety of solutions to cultivate a space filled with love for the entire family.


The Collection boasts comfort and hygiene offerings with an emphasis on cohesion and function, featuring a diverse range of bathroom fittings and fixtures that incorporates the unique American Standard signature design elements. This coordinated design ensures a stylish and harmonious ambiance for any bathroom, making it effortless to craft a space where new families and couples can cherish life's special moments together.


Embrace the inviting elegance of the Loven collection

The Loven Collection is designed to recognize the challenges of creating a cohesive bathroom ambiance, especially for homeowners overwhelmed by diverse product choices. Offering a range of products harmonized in form and function, the Loven Collection eliminates the stress of mix-and-match. Its soft shapes and curves create an inviting environment that is also easy to clean, providing a comfortable space filled with warmth, love, and a sense of belonging.


Minimalistic coordinated design with the Loven collection

Designed as a complete suite, the Loven Collection has a wide range of product typologies to meet various needs and preferences. Its coordinated design offers a one-stop solution, ensuring the products work well together, creating a seamless and stylish aesthetic. This allows consumers to effortlessly bring their dream home to life.


Enjoy comfort to the fullest

The Loven Collection optimizes compact bathroom spaces while delivering full-sized functionality and comfort. Notable features include the ComfortMove for smooth and precise faucet lever movement, CoolShield in exposed shower mixers to prevent accidental scalding, and a Comfort Seat with Soft Close Seat and Cover on the toilets. The HygieneClean System, including the Double Vortex flushing and Hygiene Rim, facilitates easy cleaning and inhibits bacterial growth for a more hygienic bathroom space.


Caring for the environment and your wallet

The collection is designed with sustainability and energy efficiency in mind. The basin faucet features EcoStart, which sets the default water setting to cold, potentially saving up to 30% in energy costs. The water-saving corrective aerator in the faucet and Dual Flush in the toilet contribute to water conservation, each achieving LEED 4 points and saving up to 40% water.


Meeting your needs with American Standard

For nearly 150 years, American Standard has been delivering innovative and high-quality bathroom solutions. The Loven Collection continues this legacy, offering a trusted solution for growing families, as well as architects, designers, or developers looking to add space-saving and hygiene-enhancing features to their projects.


Designed to cater to the needs of urbanites and growing families, this collection makes hygiene and comfort accessible for a busy modern lifestyle. Come Home to a trusted bathroom solution that is functional, stylish, and a special space for love and warmth in your home.


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