ZUS Coffee revolutionizes Filipino Coffee Culture

 Exciting news for coffee lovers across the Philippines! ZUS Coffee, the dynamic coffee brand, has arrived, poised to revolutionize your coffee experience. With ten bustling branches already, ZUS Coffee blends cutting-edge technology with flavor innovation to redefine your daily cup.

Since its inception in 2019, ZUS Coffee has been synonymous with innovation, accessibility, and community, swiftly expanding to over 400 stores in just five years in Malaysia. “ZUS Coffee is a necessity, not a luxury, which is a driving factor for us to tirelessly make specialty coffee accessible from the perspective of price point, taste, and location“, emphasizes Venon TianCOO of ZUS Coffee.

With the ZUS app, customers have complete control over their coffee experience, from taste to temperature and order time. Reordering their favorite drink is as easy as a click, providing valuable insights for creating new flavors tailored to their preferences. ZUS Coffee specializes in locally-inspired specialty coffees, including Filipino favorites like hot and iced Spanish Latte and Gula Melaka, alongside an exciting array of Buttercreme Lattes, Frappes, and more.

Their menu features options for every palate, from the strong and bold CEO Latte to the refreshing Thunder mocktail and Pink Black blend. Customers can further customize their drinks with a variety of options, from bean choice to sweetness levels and toppings, ensuring a personalized coffee experience with every sip. Plus, ZUS Coffee fans have even created their own secret menu, shared and celebrated on platforms like TikTok.

To pair with their drinks, there are breads and pastries that are available at the stores. In the Philippines, the top sellers are their donuts, and among their bread choices is a very Pinoy Adobo Pan De Sal.

As for their beans, Tian says they source 100% Arabica from different countries such as Guatemala, Kenya, and Papua New Guinea, depending on the coffee bean season to ensure the best quality. ZUS Coffee is committed to the practice of procuring only Direct Trade Beans. Any form of green bean procurement is done directly with the farmers of the beans and allows for quality, sustainability, and fairer prices that is then translated to the final cup that the customers pay for. Direct trade helps farmers develop to have a more sustainable future and growth.

Expanding rapidly in the Philippines, ZUS Coffee plans to unveil a Filipino-inspired drink while aiming for 150 outlets this year. “Our growth stems from understanding our customers’ needs,” states Tian, emphasizing ZUS Coffee’s mission to blend premium quality with accessibility.

ZUS Coffee is on a mission to advance the concept of coffee consumption and make specialty coffee affordable for everyone everywhere.

Download the ZUS app on Google Play and the App Store. Ordering can also be done through GrabFood and foodpanda.